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November 15 The "Fragile Beauty" project was presented in Paris.

The presentation was attended by François Léotard, former Minister of Culture and former Minister of Defense of France, couturier Olivier Lapidus, and Vincent Hervouet, an international observer of the French public national television.


The presentation was organized

through the mediation

of Dimitri Kornilov, one of the

leaders of Russian white émigrés.



The first Asian presentation of the "Fragile Beauty" project was held within the framework of the Beijing International Book Fair.

beijing, china


The Aalwe studio together with the DMD company, its Canadian partner, completed a 45 minute film-conversation with a filmmaker Alexander Sokurov.

Sokurov is a classic of world cinema, winner of the Venice Film Festival, multiple laureate of Cannes and Berlin Film Festivals, the Locarno Film Festival, holder of the European Film Awards.

We dedicate this film to Jóhann Jóhannsson, an outstanding

Icelandic composer,

whose life was

tragically cut short in 2018.


A special screening of the interview with Krzysztof Zanussi, a prominent Polish film director and thinker,

was held in the international cultural center "Pobeda".

The screening was attended by Zanussi himself who came to Siberia to take part in the Festival of Polish Cinema..

beijing, china


August 20. The "Snow Frescos" exhibition of Aalwe was held within the framework of the Beijing

International Book Fair (BIBF). Since its inception, the fair has become one of the largest cultural

forums of Asian. This year it was

attended by 95 countries, and it hosts

more than 300 thousand visitors yearly.

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The first volume of the "Fragile Beauty" catalogue was published.

The first copy of the catalogue was presented to Prince Eduard von Anhalt.

Prince Eduard has been heading the House of Ascania since 1963 and is a direct descendant of the

Russian Empress

Catherine II. 

zerbst, germany


geneva, switzerland


December 5. "Fragile Beauty" was presented in the United Nations Office at Geneva. The presentation was attended by Michael Møller, Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations, and Francesco Pisano, Chief of the Library and Chair of the Cultural Activities Committee at the United Nations Office at Geneva.


                The Prussian


Heritage Foundation


December 4. The presentation of Aalwe's flagship international architectural project "Fragile Beauty" was held for Hermann Parzinger, President of the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation. The Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation is one of the largest cultural institutions in Europe established after the

World War II.



March 10. The film "Dark Skies. White Clouds" will have its fourth European broadcasting, which will be repeated by the channel Arte.

The broadcasting will be nationwide in France, Germany, and French overseas departments.


September 30. The Central Exhibition Hall of Perm held the opening of the exhibition "The light of cold seas" of Aalwe's  stained-glass windows and light installations.

france, germany



Katherine E. Young

Names for snow


The documentary animation film "Dark Sky. White Clouds" by Aalwe was broadcast on the NDR TV channel, Germany.



Two film miniatures created jointly by American poet Katherine Young and Aalwe were selected by the University of Arkansas for its project "April. Month of Poetry" to present best examples of modern poetry to the American audience. These poetic film miniatures are "What's Left" and "Names for snow".

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anterior pomerania, lower saxony

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Aalwe's exhibition/installation "Bridges of cultures" will be presented in the Globe bookstore and cultural center. The exhibition can be visited at 67 Boulevard Beaumarchais, Paris 




The Paris book fair (Salon Livre Paris) presented two projects devoted to Siberia as part of the world culture: Aalwe's installation "Bridges of cultures" and a novel "Remember the frozen" ("Souvenez-vous du Gelé") by Yves Gautier, French writer and translator, telling the story of an officer of Napoleon's army in Russia.




The documentary animation film "Dark Sky. White Clouds" was broadcast on the SWR TV channel, Germany.



The exhibition/installation "Bridges of cultures" by "Aalwe" was opened at Salon Livre Paris.


baden-würtemberg, rhineland-palatinate




The gallery Quadrat, Berlin, exhibited Aalwe's  works. The exhibition included screening the film "Dark Skies. White Clouds"




October 23, 14:00. The film "Dark Sky. White Clouds" by the Aalwe was screened at the Frankfurt Book Fair. The film was presented by Bernd Seidl (European producer of the film, leading specialist of the SWR channel, Germany)





Aalwe's works are exhibited at the Frankfurt Book Fair.




International premiere of the film "Dark sky. White clouds" by Aalwe on the big screen within the framework of the "Meetings in Siberia" festival.



A few hours before the show, the Novosibirsk Museum of Local History opened the exhibition "Aalwe's Autumn Tale" to be working September 12 through November 1. The guests of the festival gave a press conference before the screening.





The premiere of the film "Dark sky. White clouds" by Aalwe on the big screen was attended by Niels Olaf Neumann (grandson of Astrid Lindgren, a great Swedish writer), Johan Palmberg and Anton Lindgren (her great-grandsons); Bernd Seidl...





The Summer Academy of Academgorodok

screened "The president of the last republic",

an Aalwe's documentary feature.




The supplementary to the August issue of the British literary journal "Trafika Europe" presents a short documentary created within the KAAYO project run jointly by Katherine Young (American poet, poet laureate of Arlington, fellow of the USA National Endowment for the Arts) and Aalwe.

arlington, virginia, usa





On February 18, 2016 a meet the artist meeting with the film director and an artist Pavel Golovkin took place at the Israel Cultural Center in Novosibirsk. The guests had a chance to see a large painting created from 1200 pieces of stained glass especially for the formerIsraeli President Shimon Peres, a Nobel Peace Prize winner.




The film "Dark Sky. White Clouds" was broadcast on the Culture channel.

Sergei Miroshnichenko, a film director, presented the film to the Russian audience with his foreword and afterword.


france, germany



March 16 and 17. The documentary animation film "Dark Sky. White Clouds" had its world premiere on the Arte channel. Arte, the world's largest culture and arts channel headquartered in Strasbourg, was organized jointly by the French Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany.