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On February 18, 2016 a meet the artist meeting with the film director and an artist Pavel Golovkin took place at the Israel Cultural Center
in Novosibirsk. The guests had a chance to see a large painting created from 1200 pieces of stained glass especially for the former
Israeli President Shimon Peres, a Nobel Peace Prize winner.
The First Secretary of the Israeli Embassy Iris Zweig opened the meeting drawing a special attention to invaluable contribution Shimon
Peres made to the development of the Israeli society.
Pavel Golovkin expressed the opinion that "Shimon Peres is a world symbol of active civility attested by the eternal strife of humanity
for world peace and a belief that it is possible to reach out to every person's heart."
Pavel also shared with the guests the idea of the painting, which is devoted to the Jewish history. He explained that “the main subject of
the painting is overcoming obstacles and people's arpersistent assertion of their most precious dreams and high aims. This is where
the history of the Jewish people and the universal history of the humanity share many similarities. It is amazing that people haven't
wandered off this difficult path for centuries".
In the center of the painting you see a bridge constructed from the names of a large number of different people who helped the nation to
overcome the tragedy of Holocaust from Anna Frank to Raul Wallenberg, to Janusz Korczak and the founding fathers of the State of Israel.
The bridge brings us to the peaceful and eternal Jerusalem. We can see
an old man and a child reading the Torah. The image of the old wise
man was drawn from Shimon Peres' grandfather, a rabbi Girsh Meltser,
who made a great intellectual and ethical impact on the future
president of Israel. His life was interrupted during the Holocaust.

The guests of the Center had a chance to watch several episodes from
the last animated film "Dark sky. White Clouds" shot by the film
director Pavel Golovkin, which was shown in seven countries, including
on the largest European art channel Arte. Pavel Golovkin's studio
AALWE is engaged in international arts projects which unite
documentary films, animation, art and installations. When closing the
meeting, Iris Zweig expressed the hope that "A Path through the Abyss"
will become yet another cultural thread connecting Siberia and Israel.


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