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and animation

Dark sky. White clouds.
Documentary, animation, 80 minutes.

It is a philosophical poetic full-length documentary film on childhood and the following life that gradually robs grown-ups from all that was given to a child – tenderness, trust, a sense of beauty, and true freedom. The film is based on the comparison of personal and historical experiences from Russia and Sweden, but, in fact, it is about the path each of us follows... 

Through the entire film we pursue the story of the great children’s author Astrid Lindgren (her daughter Karin took part in the film). The books of Lindgren teach us how to be happy and change the world around us. According to these principles, a children’s film studio “Poisk” was established forty years ago in Siberia. In this studio, children create amazing cartoons with their own hands, regularly winning awards atfilm festivals. Yet, the surrounding world lives according to its own laws: the famousstudio is located in old barracks, and its exhausted Director Petr Anofrikov (a descendant of the Dutch enlighteners, repressed by Stalin) struggles during decades with the bureaucrats over the construction of a new building for the studio. One of the most famous cartoonists of the world, Yuri Norstein, tries to help him, but his destiny is even more complicated despite his international fame and awards. In the course of the narrative, these stories turn into a metaphor of the humanistic attitude to childhood, culture, and each other, which is relevant on a large part of the Earth. We try torecreate the emotional, visual, and acoustic wealth of the “child's world” in the film whose heroes live at a sharp border between happiness and bitterness. 

The winter's solo of the wave.
Documentary, 53 minutes.

Veronika Dzhioeva is a World-known opera singer, she is the soloist in Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg and also in Novosibirsk State Opera Theatre. Her live could be absolutely cloudless, but “something happened with this World”. The scale persons and ambitious projects are not interest any more. Nominally Veronika’s career is extremely successful, only “there is nothing in people”, and she is almost alone against “frosts” of today of mankind.

The Damned Questions of Existence.
Documentary, 23 minutes.

Many of us faced upright evil that cries right away: “Hello, I am evil! How are you doing?” The story told in “The Damned questions of existence” could take place in the fourth century B.C. or in twentieth one A.D. It could happen in Europe, Asia, America or Australia. This story is about evil coming to the person’s life and his relationships with it. Not to notice, fight, dodge and perhaps – lose, but to win – is it possible?

The president of the last republic.
Documentary, 64 minutes.

March of 2008 marked 40 years since the legendary festival of guitar songs was held in the USSR in the intellectual club “Under the Integral.” In the 1960s the club brought together young, educated, liberal, and extremely witty university and scientific public, and was a personification of the era of reforms. “Under the Integral” was shut down a few months after the Festival, which became a powerful, but final chord of the club – the Soviet authorities were beginning to “tighten the screws.” The light atmosphere of hope of the sixties dispelled in those days...
The first and last president of the club, the famous physicist Anatoly Burstein came from Israel to celebrate the anniversary of the event. It would seem that this is a story with a delayed but fortunate ending. The dictatorship has long gone, the persecutors have faded into history... But around us is a quite different... and again very tough world. And the generation of educated idealists who believed in good do not feel too cozy in this world...

Successor, 53 minutes.

Semyon Samsonovich Kutateladze is a scientist-mathematician, well known in Russia and abroad. Son of the famous Soviet academician and princely kin’s descendant, he stick to model honor and responsibility code. It’s him who decided to put a period to the so called “ Luzin case”, a disgraceful story in life of mathematical circles of the 30s, when academician Luzin who was the founder of the Moscow mathematical school was persecuted and betrayed by many of his disciples. But reaching justice is quite a complicated task…
It is a film about the person efforts in retaining high moral standards for future generation (in the process of editing).

In the suburbs of the Milky Way
Documentary, 19 minutes.

First there was the earth. Then came scientists. The scientists thought about the sublime. The sublime turned out to be incomprehensible… We all had some role model in our childhood. Some researcher, who definitely wants to change the world, invent perpetuum mobile, or learn the ants’ language, or fly with the velocity of light. He who knows where is the door in the wall leading out of the time, space and prejudices. “Albert Einstein!” -says everyone- “Genius!”. Typical. The academician Sergey Goldin and the child Gleb Letjagin live in the Novosibirsk Academic Town in Siberia. The age gap between the scientist and the child is 60 years. But their reflection on the world is the same. Science, childhood, genius, God, life and death…

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