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Aalwe studio works along two main lines: First, we create fine art such as paintings and installations. Over the past year and a half, exhibitions of our work have been held in Berlin, Paris, and Frankfurt. Most of our artwork was created according to our own unique technology, which is similar to the production of ancient stained glass that twinkles in the dusk, resembling thousands of colored windows. This effect is multiplied by using materials to imitate the crafting of jewelry: restoration golden paints, pearl varnishes, glass-imitating enamels, and many others. The symbol of our exhibitions is also our studio's emblem: the Aalwe whale, who rescues beauty in need of help on its back. 

Second, we produce artistic, single-piece documentaries and animated films in cooperation with high quality international TV channels and cultural organizations. Our latest film, Dark Sky. White Clouds, was produced with the support of the Franco-German channel ARTE (where the film had its world premiere), the German channel SWR, and the Swedish Institute, and was broadcast on public television in seven countries and cable channels throughout Europe. One of our films was awarded the TEFI National Television Award. 

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