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Our studio’s mascot is Aalwe
- a huge and kind whale, saving everybody who needs help on his back and helping to preserve the things that have long disappeared from everywhere else. Without tire, he sails the seas through the cold, darkness and wind like a living ark with intensively beating heart. On his back, he carries away the trees destined to be cut down, animals doomed for slaughter, and people chased by death. This is the city where forgotten languages, the secrets of the old masters, silenced melodies and ancient tales are remembered. There this day of the summer spent on the veranda of your warm house together with all your relatives is still on. There is everything you have committed to memory that you do not want to forget…
We believe that this huge leaving creature preserving everything that is important, fragile and inmost represents something that everyone of us badly needs nowadays. Aalwe is at the same time a symbol of human memory, a nature reserve, a museum and the skill of fighting for something you hold dear to your heart... It seems to be an appropriate metaphor for documentary cinema that manages to preserve alive in its shots “something that has been long gone and completely disappeared”.

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